Bassett Unified Students Explore Career Pathways During Career Day

LA PUENTE – Don Julian Elementary third- through fifth-grade students explored the interior of a police car, watched a live dog training demonstration and met with a diverse group of working professionals – from business owners to engineers, speech language pathologists and deputy sheriffs – during the school’s fourth annual Career Day on April 12.
“Everything is a business,” Jaime Puente, a social media brand strategist and President of J Spark Studios, told an attentive group of students. “YouTube is a business, a Nintendo Switch is a business; once you start looking at things, not at face value, but in terms of how it can work for you, then you become an entrepreneur.”
Fourteen working professionals presented to small groups of students. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department showed students a patrol car and a dog trainer gave students a live demonstration. Lunch was provided to the presenters afterward.
“We take pride in today because we know how important it is and how special it is that these professionals took the time out of their day to come and speak to our students,” said Don Julian Principal Martha Arceo. “This day could be a game changer for our students, it could be the day they decide which direction to take their future.”
04-12-19_BASSETT_CAREER_1: Don Julian Elementary students meet with Ray Hayashida, an
Aerospace Structural Engineer, during the fourth annual Career Day on April 12.
04-12-19_BASSETT_CAREER_2: Don Julian Elementary students explore the interior of a police car with Deputy Sheriff’s Jose Cruz and Hugo Sanchez during the fourth annual Career Day on April 12.
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