Bassett Unified Teachers Incorporate Coding into Daily Curriculum

LA PUENTE – Don Julian Elementary kindergarten teachers Patty Lyons, Carin Sakuma and
Maria Basulto are integrating coding and computer science lesson plans into their daily
curriculum using, interactive online programs and robotics.
“Whether it is an academic problem or a social problem, engaging the students in exercises from or using the interactive iPad gaming system Osmo, they are learning how to be
independent thinkers,” Lyons said. “It gives them the power to think for themselves.”
Students learn how to program algorithms and problem solve using four robot kits: Pro-bot cars,
Bee-bot bumble bees, Sphero bots and Wonder Workshop’s Dash robots. These robots, which
are either equipped with the capability to navigate objects or respond to voice commands, allow
students to engage with technology in a way that is challenging and progressive.
“By engaging our students in the basics of computer science, they can have fun while putting
math, technology and critical thinking skills in to practice,” Don Julian Elementary Principal
Martha Arceo said. “By incorporating STEM into the daily curriculum, we can better help to
prepare Don Julian students for the future.”
02-28-19_BASSETT_CODING_2: Don Julian Elementary kindergarten students use iPads to code with the interactive iPad gaming system Osmo.
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